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Summer Students

Owens Wright LLP will once again be hiring 2L students for the summer of 2024. Details will be made available during the fall 2023 term.

Thank you for your continued interest.

Note that Owens Wright LLP does not adhere to the Law Society of Ontario On Campus Interview (OCI) Process.

Student Program 2019

Articling Students

Our articling program is a natural extension of our summer program. The articling term begins in August and runs for a ten-month period, pursuant to the requirements of the Law Society of Ontario. Typically, our summer students return to article with us; however, in certain circumstances, we do accept separate applications for articling.

Unless a student is dedicated to the litigation group (typically one student each year will be streamed exclusively in litigation), they will complete rotations with each of our commercial real estate and corporate group.  Students develop strong relationships with lawyers who are leaders in their fields and gain hands-on experience.

We seek well-rounded individuals who have displayed a demonstrated interest in, and aptitude for, the practice of real estate, corporate law, and litigation.  If you wish to begin your career with Owens Wright LLP, please submit your cover letter, resume, official undergraduate and law school transcripts, and list of proposed upper-year courses.  Reference letters are encouraged but are not necessary.

Please send your application package to

Include your Cover Letter, Resume, Official Law School Transcript and Official Post-Secondary Transcript.

Contact Information:

Megan Mossip
Owens Wright LLP
300-20 Holly Street
Toronto, Ontario M4S 3B1

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