Commercial Leasing

As experienced leasing practitioners, we know every type of commercial lease inside and out. We are experts in office, retail, industrial and specialty (telecommunications, data centres, solar) leasing and can quickly identify important lease issues whether you are a landlord, property manager or tenant. Our ability to offer insightful solutions comes from sitting on both sides of the table and our knowledge of the industry and familiarity with key issues makes us highly effective negotiators. Client satisfaction is key to our success and we are confident that you will be satisfied with our knowledge, responsiveness and price.

Some examples of our areas of expertise include,

  • lease analysis and strategies for properties targeted for redevelopment
  • due diligence lease reviews (financing, acquisitions, dispositions and general portfolio review of specialty rights)
  • updating lease forms, negotiating anchor and key tenant leases for power centres, enclosed shopping centres, strip plazas, office buildings, free-standing building and mixed use developments
  • strategic manoeuvring through landlord and tenant disputes
  • tenant financing consents (for both tenant and landlord)

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Key Contacts:

Dawn R. Michaeloff
Roey B. Kert
Jory Grad

Jory Grad

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Yael J. Bogler
Nicole D. Reiner
Rachel Rice

Rachel Rice

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